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Vintage 1930s Ideal Shirley Temple 18
Vintage 1930s Ideal Shirley Temple 18" Dimity Organdy Doll Triangle Dress

Shirley Temple Movie star cinema original old c1920-1950s postcard
Shirley Temple Movie star cinema original old c1920-1950s postcard
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Mint Unused 1973 Ideal Shirley Temple Doll Red Polka Dot Dress Panty Shoes Socks   EG253 CGC Photo J. FARRELL MACDONALD, SHIRLEY TEMPLE Susannah of the Mounties 19   VINTAGE 1930S SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLL LARGE SIZE 27 INCHES EXCELLENT CONDITION   RL485 Photo SHIRLEY TEMPLE Young People 1940   VINTAGE IDEAL SHIRLEY TEMPLE THE LITTLE COLONEL 12" DOLL MIB NRFB SO CUTE!   pic Alan Dinehart James Dunn Shirley Temple film Baby Take a Bow dp-1047   1946 Vintage Photo Child Actor Shirley Temple Housewife To Husband John Agar   merry christmas, your friend, shiirley temple mirror   RI714 Photo SCOTT ELLIOT, SHIRLEY TEMPLE, WALTER ABEL, KATHERINE CARD, KATHERINE   Shirley Temple Cup Cobalt Blue Honeycomb Glass Vintage   1945 Shirley Temple photo Lane Cedar Hope Chest vintage print ad   Shirley Temple Stowaway Doll 12"NRFB 1982 By Ideal   Vintage Shirley Temple Doll by Ideal 17 Inches   Shirley Temple 8x10 photo T2960   Vintage SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLL by IDEAL 1950s 12" Original Tagged Clothes Doll   Vintage 17" SHIRLEY TEMPLE Nude DOLL (1958-1963) by IDEAL ST-15-N   VINTAGE 1950'S IDEAL VINYL SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLL WITH BOX   Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm + Bright Eyes Shirley Temple (DVD)   Shirley Temple Festival (DVD 2002) Shirley Temple, Andy Clyde   Vintage Hazel Atlas Cobalt Blue Glass Shirley Temple Pitcher Creamer   1946 Movie Herald Jane Russel The Outlaw Shirley Temple Johney Mack Brown C10   PHOTOPLAY SHIRLEY TEMPLE~FARLEY GRANGER~MONTGOMERY CLIFT~LANA TURNER~CARY GRANT   PV599 CGC Photo RANDOLPH SCOTT, SHIRLEY TEMPLE Susannah of the Mounties 1939   pic Shirley Temple with head of FBI J. Edgar Hoover dp-1121   PV889 CGC Photo SHIRLEY TEMPLE, RANDOLPH SCOTT Susannah of the Mounties 1939   pic Shirley Temple w western wear ready to ride the range dp-1091   1950's Shirley Temple 12" Doll -green closing eyes~little teeth,red lips~lace~   pic Shirley Temple w western wear ready to ride the range dp-1090